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USA 2008 E64 JW Team Pre Park City

Events 2023/2024 Season

International Travel - Barcelona, Spain

TOVO Academy

Tovo Academy

All Essential Expenses Paid

November 26th – December 3rd

Note:  All international travel is subject to change.


Park City Extreme Cup

Park City Cup

July 27th – 29th

Adidas Cup

Adidas Cup

August 8th – 12th

Target USA Cup

Target USA Cup 

August 24th – 26th

Vegas Cup

Vegas Cup

January 15th

Mayors Cup Logo

Mayor’s Cup

February 19th

Note:  All tournaments are subject to change.


Elite 64 is the top club-based league format in the National League, offering like-minded elite clubs with a platform to compete against each other while focusing on maximizing the experience of the players.

E64 League Play Aug. – Feb. with games in Colorado, Arizona, andUtah

Note:  All leagues are subject to change.


Desert League Conference operates team-based and club-based leagues while providing a qualification pathway to...

  • the current season's USYS Regional Championships

  • the next seasonal year of National League P.R.O.

Note:  All leagues are subject to change.


Utah Youth Soccer is the leader in promoting, developing and governing youth soccer in Utah; providing quality educational and developmental opportunities for all members.

Note:  All leagues are subject to change.

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