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This 2023 – 2024 season the USA E64 08B – JW team will be headed to Sitges, Spain to train at TOVO Academy. 

TOVO Academy

This once in a lifetime opportunity is made possible by Daniels Fund founded by Bill Daniels, whose roots in Utah stretch deep and wide.


Bill Daniels owned the American Basketball Association's Utah Stars. They won the 1971 ABA Championships during their first year playing in Salt Lake City. But the league was in financial trouble, and by the mid-1970s, the teams were falling in rapid succession. With no money to pay his players and creditors, Bill Daniels' franchise was forced into bankruptcy. The story of what happened next will amaze you. Enjoy the ‘Life and Legacy of Bill Daniels’ video to see how Bill Daniels turned defeat into something that outlasts any winning season.

Above all, Bill loved sports and knew from personal experience that participation in sports and the influence of quality coaches could change the direction of a young person's life for the better.  Which is why Daniels Fund has a specific focus on supporting amateur sports and is the primary contributor to this dream opportunity this coming fall.

The Daniels Fund partnership doesn’t only focus on sports but, Daniels Fund shares common values as our soccer club by believing in the importance of developing the whole person, not just the athlete.


Since Bill grew up poor, he felt great passion in creating opportunities for those students with great potential, strong character, and big dreams to attend a college of their choice.  Which is why Bill created, the Daniels Scholarship Program, that provides the opportunity for motivated students to attend the college of their choice. Daniels Scholars® will receive up to $100,000 to be applied at any two- or four-year, nonprofit, accredited college or university in the United States, depending on financial need.

Daniels Scholars are America’s next generation of leaders, persevering through life’s challenges and rooted in the values important to Bill Daniels. They are free and entrepreneurial thinkers who are proud of this country and their community and work hard to improve it.

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